Straitjacket bondage technique.  

straitjacket bondage technique

When I tied you up yesterday I used a very simple cord technique but today I fancy you in a different kind of bondage. Raise your arms in front of you and donít move while I introduce you to the straitjacket.

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bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

Self-Gagged and Cuffed

Jamie rises in the morning and prepares to go out for the day. While putting on her underwear, someone enters her room and demands that she strips off her clothes. Jamie is worried and does as she is told. She is given a pair of metal cuffs and she is instructed to put them around her ankles. Then she is made to gag herself. A crotch rope is tied around her waist and through her legs and another set of handcuffs is fastened through the ropes in the back. The intruder leaves her to go search the house for goods. Jamie is left handcuffed on the floor, naked and anxious. 120 Pictures

Bondage Tantrum

God Damn! Jamie Lynn is just outrageously hot. She was blessed with all the right blessings. A powerfully beautiful face, a long and lean body, perfectly large and natural breasts, legs forever, a ripe ass and if you've seen the spread scene with Jamie, you know about her pussy as well as we do. We direct Jamie to get naked, then we ball-gag her, then we tie her standing up. Her hands are pulled behind her back and her feet are tied together. Her breasts are tied tight and a rope to the front of the harness keeps Jamie upright and unable to hop away. Then we add a double crotchrope on either side of her pussy and we pull it up tight. Jamie realizes her helplessness and struggles on video. She begins to yell through her gag and jump around. A very fine and memorable, damsel in distress scene. 80 Pictures, Plus 4:32 video.
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bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

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