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The shower here was a full sized stall, with three shower heads, one in the roof, right in the middle, one on the west wall, and one on the east wall. He uncuffed the girl, then slapped her face when she struggled to pull her blindfold free. He got her wrists together again in front of her and cuffed them once more.

Right next to the shower head in the roof was a heavy hook. He slung the chain up over it, then dragged the girl into the shower stall and raised her hands high. She almost couldn't reach, but did, just barely. He hooked the chain into the handcuffs and stepped back.

The girl stood on her toes, moaning through the ball gag and looking extremely uncomfortable. She was about to get more so. The controls for the shower were just inside the sliding glass doors. Joe turned on all three to cold. Icy water blasted down on the girl from three directions.

girl in handcuffs

Joe reached up to adjust the wall faucets, narrowing and hardening their field of spray. He left the water on the squirming, moaning girl for a few minutes, then quickly pulled a lever that switched the pure cold water to hot. The girl screamed into her gag as the water poured over her, shaking and twisting, writhing and dancing, actually lifting her feet off the floor as she tried to climb upwards out of the spray.

Joe smiled. He'd done this before, and found it did wonders in taking the resistance out of snotty young women. The water was as hot as he could make it without actually burning her. The last thing he wanted was for her to have scars or permanent damage, after all.

If she'd had the chance to get used to it, and the temperature had been raised slowly, the water now blasting her would have been only a little too hot to be comfortable. The sudden shift from ice cold to hot, though, left her feeling burned, scorched.

When her struggles seemed to be easing he shifted back to icy cold again. Again she started to scream and shake and writhe in place, as the water now seemed to freeze her to the bone.

Back and forth it went, hot to cold to hot to cold, until the girl was hanging limply from the handcuffs and hardly doing more than moaning at each new temperature shift. He stopped then and turned off the water ...

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