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Thus, the gag is buckled into place, and the strap over the top of the head is pulled tight. When the strap under the chin is tightened, it has the effect of holding the jaw closed on the ball as tightly as the person applying it pleases. The one that I have made for us is set up such that all buckles can be locked with our collection of small padlocks, as well. The final addition on ours is a d-ring at the very center top, which can be used to apply upward tension to the wearers' head. We find that useful in suspension situations in which the bottom is balanced precariously- gentle support can be provided to the head, while more firm support is applied elsewhere.

It is very important to be extremely careful when playing with gags, but one must be extraordinarily so in suspension scenes! The goal in suspending by the scolds' bridle is to make the bottom _feel_ as if they are suspended by the head, but provide real support to structures that are more amenable to real pressures (such as waists, arms, shoulders, and the like) in the case that the bottom really loses control. As we've described here, we enjoy predicaments wherein my wife is bound at the knees and ankles while standing on extremely high heels (among many other things!), and slowly stimulated to the point of competely losing control of her body. This is extremely pleasurable for her, but without proper support she would most assuredly injure herself very badly, as the human body is not designed to hang from a ball gag. As the top, I am fully responsible to keep this safe.

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So, why not provide a thin rope from the top of the scold's bridle to (for example) the clothes bar in a walk-in closet. This could then be pulled just tight (to help her keep her balance), and thickness or two of heavier rope intended to provide the _actual_ suspension would be tied to the clothes bar behind her, passed through between her legs, and tied to the bar in front of her with sufficient tension to apply just a bit of force to her crotch. In this way, when she does finally lose control of her legs and collapses, she applies all her weight to the crotch rope instead of the bridle- and the crotch rope can safely support all her weight, as well as providing an extra dose of stimulus just when it will do the most good! The scold's bridle merely keeps her upright, and provides a pleasant level of tension to her head- and all the knots are well out of reach of her bound hands.

There are a few other leather bits that have proven invaluable in our play. Certainly, no toy box would be complete without a variety of lockable cuffs intended to fit wrists, ankles, forearms, and other features. These are easily made from 2" wide belt-blank leather- 10" long for wrists, 14" for ankles, longer for other areas. Rivet a 1" D-ring at one end (perpendicular to the long dimension of the strip), and cut a series of 1" slots (also perpendicular to the long dimension) from the other end approximately 3/4" apart. To use, wrap the cuff around the wrist or ankle from the ring end, and slip the d-ring through the nearest slot. Lock in place, and viola'! A 1"x1/8" oval leather slot punch costs about $10, and is a very useful tool for any enthusiast. And the cuffs can be lined with whatever attracts you. A good set of 8-10 cuffs should cost no more than $25 in parts, tools, and materials. ...

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